“Every day that goes by, we try to reduce the environmental impact caused by our activity, we carry out different actions in order to reduce our ecological footprint”

Green energy: We have switched to a green energy supplier. The Company Holaluz, guarantees that all the energy provided comes from renewal energy sources and producers (biomass, mini hydroelectric, solar and wind power)

Recycling your garbage (USW): Every apartment has different color-coded recycling bins and we also encourage our guests to recycle cooking oil (because it seriously harms the waste water treatment plant & it can be transformed into biodiesel). We also recycle batteries, medications and we ask our customers not to throw wet wipes into the toilet because it seriously damages the sewer system.

Energy and water saving: We have different energy saving devices installed in our apartments like presence detection and energy saving card switch. We also have tap aerator inserts, dual flush toilets and we ask our customers to use the bath towels more than once.

Use of ecofriendly cleaning professional products: We are switching all our cleaning products to ecofriendly ones which are certified by an Ecolabel and we also take into account other criteria such as the location where it is produced, the packing, etc.

Transitioning to R32 gas in our air condition equipment, this measure reduces 30% the Global Warming Potential (GWP) and greatly improves the energy efficiency by installing equipment rated (A+++).

Promoting responsible and sustainable tourism: We have been certified by Biosphere, tourism certification designed to help hotels comply with international sustainability requirements and promote Responsible and Sustainable Tourism. Here you can read our Responsible Tourism Policy.


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